Matthew Weldon

Matthew Weldon doodled in his youth as kids do but as he aged he just kept on doodling. He has had the privilege of painting murals for local businesses as well as Illustrations/Graphics for websites and logo Designs. He designs t-shirts stickers and decals.

He works hard in the field of Character Design and Story-boarding and has Labored in Comics since 2005. He has a handful of things published by Image Comics & DC/Vertigo, Capcom/Udon, Overground and others as well as some small Self Published Projects.

He was Nominated for two Harvey Awards, and published a graphic novel that was labeled best all ages comic of 2009 by MTV.

Some of his works have appeared on the G4 channel. He can even be found in the Guinness book of World Records twice. Born in 1980 he lives in Texas with his lovely wife and two brilliant children. Is big on teaching and helping others, playing sports, gatherings & socializing, and going out of my way to procure delicious cookies and donuts!

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