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Con Policies & Rules 

Attendees must respect commonsense rules for public behavior, personal interaction, common courtesy, and respect for private property. Harassing or offensive behavior will not be tolerated. Gamers 'N Geeks reserves the right to revoke, without refund, the the attendance of any attendee not in compliance with this policy. Persons finding themselves in a situation where they feel their safety is at risk or who become aware of an attendee not in compliance with this policy should immediately locate the nearest staff member so that the matter can be handled in an expeditious manner.

All attendees must observe county, city, state, and federal laws at all times.  Gamers ’N Geeks Con is a family-friendly event, so we ask that costumes reflect that idea.  Costumes and clothing must cover what an average bathing suit would cover.  While we respect our attendees’ freedom of expression, we do not consider underwear or similar lack of clothing appropriate.  Nudity and clothing with inappropriate language and/or hate speech and associated images are not allowed. Walking in bare feet on the show floor is also not allowed due to potential hazards like stepping on sharp objects, but you can pose in bare feet (just check your photo area before you do).  We also ask that any costume that poses a risk to others (protruding wires, spikes, loose swinging chains, etc.) be examined by staff for risk assessment.  If the costume is deemed a risk, we ask that you respect the decision and either change clothes or alter the costume.

  • No Metal bladed weapons of any kind (swords, knives, axes, etc.)

  • You may possess projectile firing weapons if they have been permanently and substantially disabled.

  • Bows, crossbows, etc, must be destrung

  • Airsoft, BB, Nerf, blow, and Paintball guns, etc:

    • Must have a permanent orange tip on the muzzle

    • Must have an orange stripe, at least one inch wide, on all of following applicable parts: grip, handle, receiver, stock.

    • You may not carry any ammunition

    • No magazine installed in device

    • Barrel must be plugged

    • Trigger group must be removed if possible

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