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Guest: Drew Breedlove


Known for his role as the bestest boy with the monster inside him, Meguru Bachira in Bluelock, Drew Breedlove has professional in the entertainment industry for nearly eight years. With over forty-five series to his name, it’s possible you’ve also heard him in some of your favorite anime such as The World Ends With You: The Animation, Tsuredure Children, One Piece, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury, and many others!

Make sure to come by his table and say hi!

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Guest: Alex Hom Alex Hom is a passionate Dallas, TX based actor with work spanning stage performance, commercials, movies, anime, and video games. With 15+ years of acting experience he has professionally pursued opportunities within the industry for the past decade. He hopes to continue his journey in voiceover and acting in general for many years to come while simultaneously being a source of information, advice and (hopefully) inspiration to those who need it, all the while promising to be the person he always needed when he was younger. While acting as a whole is his passion, voiceover, particularly in anime, is where Alex shows what he's made of. He has been a part of numerous shows including: "Aoshi", "Attack on Titan", "Chainsaw Man", "Date A Live", "Kaguya-sama: Love is War", "Love After World Domination", "Hells Paradise", "Kamikatsu", and many more. His most notable roles include Rensuke Kunigami from "Blue Lock", Yoshida from "Higehiro", Babanuki from "One Piece", Pierre from "Parallel World Pharmacy" and the pair of brother gods: Mo Lihai and Mo Lihong from the GKIDS film: "New Gods: Yang Jian". Alex has also played main roles in the live-action dubs of 'The Swordsman' and 'The Great War of Archimedes'.

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Drew Breedlove

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13.Katz started cosplaying in 2014, but was an indulgent nerd for much longer. She has placed in cosplay competitions, hosted a variety of panels, and been in publications. But cosplay mainly is a fun hobby for her! It involves constantly learning new ways to make thing work, which she then loves to share through social media and panels!

Alex Hom

$40 autos on personal items and 8x10's

$50 autos on 11x17's

$20 selfie only

**Selfie included with all autos

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